Helpful Tips for Successfully Pressure Washing Any Surface

By now, most people have realized how beneficial pressure washing their homes, buildings and other surfaces can be. However, they also know that using the right equipment and Pressure Cleaning Techniques is paramount. If a person wants to achieve the best results possible, then they should implement the tips here. Doing so will help ensure the process is successful.

Presoaking the Surface is a Must

To get the surface ready for cleaning, a person needs to apply some type of presoak substance. This can be a chemical presoak, degreaser, detergent or something else. Presoaking the surface can help to reduce the overall wash time, and the chemical cost.

Nozzle Selection

There are two main things to consider when trying to choose the right nozzle. The first is the orifice size of the nozzle, and the second is the spray angle. These are the factors that will determine the gallons per minute at a certain pressure of water flow.

To figure out what nozzle size should be used, a person needs to know the GPM, along with the PSI for the job being done. Remember, as the size of the nozzle increases, the actual psi of the pressure washer falls, all while the flow remains the same.

Taking Care of Spider Webs

Nothing is going to dissolve a spider web without also dissolving the wood and paint, too. While ammonia and D-limonene cleaners will work, they may also cause streaks in the paint. As a result, a person needs to be sure to test them first. A better option may be to use a spider web broom to remove these before pressure washing the surface. This will prevent any adverse consequences of pressure washing a surface.

If a home or business owner wants to pressure wash surfaces on their property, but don’t want to deal with all the “details,” then hiring a professional will be the best option. Be sure to find the right service provider by doing research and seeking recommendations. Doing this will help ensure the desired results are achieved and that the surface being cleaned looks great when the work is done.